How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle Change

This article How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle change aims to explain the easiest way to begin a healthy lifestyle change.

To begin to change your lifestyle to a more healthy one, it is important to know your why ? Why do you want to make a healthy lifestyle change ? Obviously you would like to become healthy, but if there is a particular thing you would like to accomplish such as loosing weight, prevention of illness it’s good to have that in the forefront of your mind, as this will be your primary motivation and fuel for achieving your healthy lifestyle change.

Goal Setting Is The Second Step

Now you know your why which will be your driving motivation.

It’s also important to set a goal for when you want to achieve this by a certain date so you have a goal to stear towards. It all about making your desire conscious to your self so you don’t forget about it. That’s why writing it down is very helpful because at the same time you set an intention for your desire so that you can manifest it.

For example, you could write down a date in the next half year by a certain date you feel is achievable, and in this time you will work on slowly implementing a lasting and healthy lifestyle change.

Setting Up Your Environment For Change

For Type 2 Diabetics the motivation for starting a healthy lifestyle change would be to stabilize their blood sugar and become healthy. But you could of course have other reasons in mind for starting your healthy lifestyle change. Whatever the reason is, the environment we live in play a major role on the decisions we make.

For example if our easy food availability was centered on health foods, there would be less ill people. A big reason for Type 2 Diabetes is that our easy and ready-made food availability is mostly focused on fast food and junk food instead of health foods.

If there were more health foods easy and ready available there would be less ill people. Therefore, our environment affect us a lot in the decisions we make. So I suggest that you rid your home for unhealthy snacks that would slow down or even destroy your progress in achieving a healthy lifestyle change keeping The Focus On a Daily Basis

Slowly Make Changes One Thing At a Time

Great! Now that you have set up your environment, you can begin focusing on what you want to change.

It’s very important to realize that when wanting to change habits, it is something that will take time, and not happen overnight.

You can’t change all your daily routines just like that. That would be totally overwhelming. But to take one thing at a time, and focus on that, and make that a part of your daily routine for a while, perhaps a couple of weeks before changing something else. That way you incorporate that thing into your daily routine. For example, it could be that you want to change your breakfast meals first, so you focus on getting your breakfast meals right, until you move on to the lunch meals or whatever it is that you want to change next.

Slow and small changes make BIG differences!

It’s All About Creating New Routines And Habits

It’s all about creating new routines and habits so be sure that what you love the changes that you make, and they make you feel better. This will help you to stick to them.

Whatever routines you want to make or change you can write them out if you like. That is a good way of knowing precisely what you want, and it becomes so much easier to carry them out when you know what you want. Keep them as simple as possible. Your experience with each new thing you want to change and incorporate will give you further ideas about it. So it’s good not to ponder it too much but simply take action on your ideas.

All Change Starts By Taking Action

We can have many good ideas but if we don’t take action on them nothing happens.

Many people have many good ideas but don’t take action on them. And it can be the minds voice saying “oh that’s too difficult to do” or “I’m not fully sure how to do this”. Don’t let your mind stop you from taking action on the desires you truly have in your live. Your desires and interests are what propel you forward in life. And the truth is you don’t actually have to know it. You don’t have to know how to do it to start something out. Just start out and let the experience teach you.

So many people think they have to know it all or plan it down to the minutest detail first to succeed with a thing. And that’s not true. All you have to have is an idea and a true interest and desire to see that idea come to fruition, Then it will. You’ll make it happen quite naturally when you truly desire for a thing.

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To summarize

First know your why, for wanting to change a thing. This is important because if you don’t know why you desire to make changes you likely won’t. It will just be an idea in your mind without manifesting into life.

2nd. Set a goal – even a long term goal for when you would like to have your changes manifest. Write it down as a part of making it a reality and to have that goal to stear towards.

3rd If your lifestyle changes for example center on weight loss and dieting, you may want to set up an environment where snacks don’t lie around to tempt you. That would hinder your progress. So make sure you clean up your environment for such temptations.

4th Slowly begin to incorporate your changes slowly. Start with one thing and make that a part of your lifestyle before going to the next thing. You’ll be overwhelmed if you want to change everything at once. That is not possible. So don’t do that.

5th Make sure you are loving the changes you make because it will become part of your daily routine.

If you get stuck somehow or think it’s too difficult to achieve your goal, just think about your why, as this will help you find motivation to keep going.

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Obesity and Insulin Resistance – How It Goes Hand in Hand

In this article, Obesity And Insulin Resistance, I aim to make clear the relation between Obesity and Insulin Resistancet, and also to inform that obesity is not the cause of type 2 diabetes, but a factor that can enhance the risk of it.

The cause of obesity is actually a degree of insulin resistance, that has not yet resulted in type 2 diabetes.

The Obesity Epidemic

There is a saying that what we put into our mouth we become. This means, If we put healthy food in our mouth, we become healthy and likewise, if we don´t, we become unhealthy.

The majority of obese people do just that. They stuff themselves with an excess of foods, and these foods are at the same time mostly junk food that makes them ill.

There are various reasons for that. If we are stressed out we grab some food on the go, and this is mostly junk food because this is the food that is most available to us. Also, people eat out of boredom, and eating becomes an activity of doing something. Very often there are also psychological reasons we eat all the time. We feel a hole inside ourselves and need to fill it up to feel satisfied.

Whatever the reason is, obesity is actually an illness. I didn´t actually used to think so. But I have become more and more aware as I study diabetes and healthy lifestyle options, that it actually is a disease.

And for the very reason that it’s not a normal state to be obese. There is a dis-ease in the body, that is the underlying cause, that creates the obesity.

The Disease of Obesity

The dis-ease that creates obesity has to do with poor eating and food choices, and/or a stress event. Both these things alter our hormones in the body resulting in obesity.

From poor nutrition we get a high insulin level. From a stress event or prolonged stress we also get too high sugar levels and therefore too high insulin levels.

And when you have a too high insulin level, the body is in fat storing mode and not fat burning mode. Meaning we can´t burn off the excess fat from the poor food choices.

Insulin is a fat burning hormone as well as a fat storing hormone and as long insulin is high we cannot rid our selves of fat simply because we are not functioning in the fat burning mode.

So obesity is caused by a too high insulin level which renders a person in constant fat storing mode.

The Connection Between Obesity and Insulin Resistance

Obesity is caused mainly by poor food choices and/or stress which creates a level of insulin resistance.

Excess fat from poor food choices enter the cells and fuels them before glucose gets there. So that when the glucose gets there, the cells are already fed by fat.

This blocks out the possibility of the cells to receive the glucose from the blood, creating insulin resistance.

Also, because of all the fat, obese people have a fatty liver resulting in insulin resistance. This result in a metabolic dysfunction further creating high blood sugar.

Many People Struggle to Lose Weight

Many people struggle to lose weight simply because their approach is wrong. They go on diets which doesn’t help them in the long term simply because diets don’t actually work.

In the short term they may lose some weight but that is mostly water due to the deprivation of food and nutrients that occur when we diet. But when the diet is over all the weight comes back on and more.

And the reason for this is that when we go on a diet we deprive our body of food and nutrients, and this slows down our metabolism so that when the diet is over we gain all the weight back on and more simply because we burn fat at a slower rate than before.

So diets don’t work.

Also, workout doesn’t work. And this is because that when we have high levels of insulin we cannot lose weight because insulin stores fat as well as burning it. So in essence obese people are constantly in fat storing mode and no matter how hard they try to lose weight they struggle to lose it.

The Key to Succesful Weight Loss And More Insulin Sensitivity

The key to successful weight loss and more insulin sensitivity is to make a lasting and healthy lifestyle changes, including getting some gentle daily exercise.

The key is really to focus on getting healthy first, because a healthy body will naturally slim down.

To getting healthy we must cut drastically down on processed food and junk food, and instead focus on consuming natural whole foods also known as one-ingredient foods. An example of a one-ingredient food is for example an orange. The orange consist only of the orange, and there is nothing added to it, and it is as delivered from nature.

These kinds of foods work wonders in cleansing our body out from fat, and lowering our insulin levels so we can enter into the fat burning state again.

Natural whole foods such as, fruits, vegetables (including starchy ones), legumes, berries, nuts and seeds have a fantastic positive effect on obesity and insulin resistance (pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes) and can help to reverse type 2 diabetes completely if one follows a low fat plant based diet.

You don’t have to go all plant based, but it is the best solution, but you need to cut drastically down on animal proteins such as meat, dairy and eggs. These foods fuel obesity and insulin resistance. They are the cause of it together with a sedentary lifestyle.


To sum it all up.

Obesity and insulin resistance goes hand in hand. Obesity is caused by insulin resistance and a too high insulin level in the body causing our body to be in fat storing mode instead of the natural fat burning mode.

Insulin resistance and obesity can be overcome by focusing first on getting healthy. Meaning creating healthy lifestyle changes and getting some gentle daily exercise which will lower the insulin level, burn fat and decrease insulin resistance.

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